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Doulos Student Leadership Council

“A Su Orden” / “At Your Service”


The Doulos Student Leadership Council (DSLC) exists to serve the students of Doulos Discovery School and the surrounding community.

The Doulos Student Leadership Council is an association of student leaders playing an active role in advancing the common good of their respective classes.

The student leadership positions include:

  • Executive Vice President: The Leader of the Leaders
  • Vice President of Operations: The Leader of the Logistics
  • Vice President of Programming: The Leader of Campus Traditions
  • Class Senators [9-12 grade]: The Leader of The Class
  • Class Representatives [9-12 grade]: The Class Community Builder
  • Media Coordinator: The Voice of the DSLC
  • Diversity Coordinator: The Voice for the Underrepresented
  • Activities Coordinator: The Leader of After-School Activities


“Educating and equipping servant leaders who impact their campus community through:

(1) Cultivating a campus community of shared goals, responsibilities, communication, and integrity.
(2) Providing the student body with co-curricular opportunities that foster holistic student development.
(3) Representing and advocating the needs, desires, and assets of the student body to Doulos constituents.”  


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