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PreKindergarten & Kindergarten

We believe that children are created in the image of God, and for this reason Doulos’ preschool program is viewed as a child’s home away from home. We design a structured day of activities to promote the social, spiritual, and educational development in which students learn to speak and understand English starting at age 3.

Our daily schedule includes the following academic classes: Bible, English, Science, Spanish Read Aloud time, Social Studies, Math, Writing, and imaginative play time. Our specials classes include PE, music, and art.

Though our 3 and 4 year olds have a half day, our Kindergartners stay until 3:00pm in preparation for their transition into Elementary School.

NOTE: Students interested in enrolling in PreK3 must be fully potty trained.

PreKinder Schedule

Arrival: 8:00am

Recess: 9:20am – 9:40am

Pick Up: 11:30pm

Kindergarten Schedule

Arrival: 8:00am

Recess: 9:00am – 9:20am

Lunch: 12:20am – 12:50am

Pick Up: 2:50pm

Expedition Highlights

“We Can Create!” | Kindergarten

We Can Create is a 7 week expedition in which students learn about inventions and discuss things that they can design and create.

Students accomplish fieldwork at a local brick factory and learn the process of making the bricks which are used for so many different building projects in their community.

Ecosystems | Kindergarten

Ecosystems is an 11 week expedition in which students look at the different ecosystems that are found around the world and in the Dominican Republic.

Students take a specific and focused look at the human-environment interaction in each ecosystem. Students study specific interactions in the DR such as dengue fever from mosquitoes or the way we dress in our tropical climate.