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Middle School

Grades 6-8

Doulos’ Middle School classes will keep you interested, challenged, and never bored.

Students are active learners – learning by doing and hands-on problem solving rather than by just being told or through rote instruction. That’s why we have a curriculum filled with experiments, the creation of meaningful products, group discussion and the  application of concepts to real-life situations.

Our schedule includes core subjects such as Math, Science, Spanish, Social Studies, English Language Arts, and Bible. We also include time that allows teachers to challenge students through enrichment and remediation in classes like Applied Math and Science, or to focus on teamwork in classes like Crew.


Middle School Schedule

Arrival: 7:45am

Recess: 10:00 – 10:15am

Lunch: 12:55pm – 1:30pm

Pick Up: 3:00pm

We also offer after school programming options for students grades 6-12.  Our program includes sports and extra-curricular activities. Please reach out for more information.

Please stay connected regarding Middle School specific news and announcements via our facebook page.

Expedition Highlights

Hear and Be Heard | 6th Grade

Hear and Be Heard is our spring expedition in which students explore the condition of being deaf, visit a local deaf school, and wrestle with the guiding question “Is deafness a form of slavery?” 

Throughout this expedition students learn about sound waves and make speakers out of recycled materials. They write their first lab report, and write a narrative on the “day in the life of a person with hearing loss.” Our hope through this expedition is that students cultivate a passion for others who are not like ourselves and open their eyes to the ways that God provides for all his people.

Utopia | 7th Grade

Utopia is the 7th grade fall expedition through which students ask themselves: What does a perfect society look like and does it exist?

They explore their own Dominican culture, and other societies as represented through literature. In math class students learn about the golden ratio from the Greeks. Students embark on a journey to decide if beauty is in the eye of the beholder or if it can be calculated mathematically. Students also reflect on the filters through which they see beauty in their society. Students also take a look at creationism and discuss the beauty and perfection in God’s design.

Back to the Future | 8th Grade

Back to the Future is a fall semester expedition in which students are taking a look at the past and discussing how it shapes the future. They strive to understand how we create identity.

In biology, students are taking a look at cells and understanding how traits are passed down on a cellular level. Students may complete a family tree project to demonstrate how the people in our past shape our future.