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Elementary School

Grades 1-5

Our elementary teachers are committed Christians who serve as exemplary role models, committed to both students’ academic development and their spiritual growth as well.

They are all highly-qualified teachers with college degrees and certifications.

Our school schedule includes the following academic classes: Bible, English Language Arts, Science, Spanish Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Phonics,  and collaborative center time. Our specials classes include PE, music, art, and technology.

Elementary Schedule 

Arrival: 7:45am

Recess: 9:00am – 9:20am

Lunch: 11:40am – 12:20am

Pick Up: 3:00pm

We also offer after school programming options for students grades 1-6.  Our program includes outdoor and indoor activities and time to complete homework assignments. Please contact David Ortiz, After School Program Director ( to register or find out more.

Expedition Highlights

“Ridin’ the Waves”—Sound & Light | 1st Grade

“Ridin’ the Waves”—Sound and Light is a 10 week expedition in which students learn all about light and sound. They take a scientific look at how light and sound travel and how we can affect the appearance of sound and light.

Students will create instruments which create different sounds and will test how changes in light affect what we can see.

The Incredible Ocean | 3rd Grade

The Incredible Ocean is a 9 week expedition in which students learn about specific ocean animals and their lifecycle. Students accomplish their fieldwork to visit the aquarium in Santo Domingo where an expert in the field supplements their learning with teaching about aquatic life.

Students use their knowledge about how rivers and oceans connect to give back to their communities. They take a service trip to the river where they help to clean up the riverbanks. Students demonstrate their learning in a final project that depicts the lifecycle of the animal they have chosen and even write a narrative from the perspective of that animal.

Everyone Has a Story: Immigration | 5th Grade

Everyone Has a Story: Immigration is a 9 week expedition in which students identify what it means to immigrate into a new country and work to understand the steps of the process, as well as the emotions which accompany this transition in the life of an immigrant. Students complete case studies of different people groups and discuss the treatment of immigrants in varying countries.

They ask themselves how Christ would call them to respond to issues of prejudice and mistreatment that are often seen surrounding immigrants. Students use a rubric to “grade” countries on their treatment of migrant people groups. They also create action plans for improvement and discuss ways they can help combat prejudices.