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What Doulos Believes About College


To educate and equip Doulos students for post-secondary
training which magnifies God’s call for their life.


Every Doulos graduates will enter post-secondary training
which aligns with God’s call for his or her life.



A divine invitation toward a particular course of action

  • Highest Calling: To live in communion with our God
  • Common Calling: To obey the commands laid out in scripture
  • Specific Calling: The work God has created us to accomplish

The Goal, Means, and Foundation of Calling


“A Call.” Vocation and calling are synonyms.

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Doulos Philosophy On College

What is the purpose of college?

The purpose of college is to be a place where students can grow in wisdom – learning how to better serve God, their neighbor, their community and their nation by living into their God-given vocation. By vocation, we mean a divine invitation toward a particular course of action, specifically in the world of work. We believe the university ought to be a place where students understand the work God created them do, and learn to do that work in a manner God created it to be done. Within this understanding of vocation, universities and students are tasked with developing professional skills and abilities to the highest degree possible so that students can use their skills and abilities as a means of sharing Christ with the world through seeking justice in all sectors of society.

Who is college material?

We at Doulos believe that any student can be successful in college – regardless of racial or ethnic background, and regardless of economic status or gender.

When should students and parents begin to prepare for college?

We believe that a student’s preparation for college begins at birth. The ultimate purpose of the university is to catapult students into their vocation. College preparation begins with uncovering and exploring vocation. First, uncovering our vocation begins with understanding of our God-given talents, spiritual gifts, personality, values, and passions. Secondly, it continues with applying this vocational understanding to the world of work. This understanding and application begin at birth and are honed throughout one’s life. At Doulos, we believe it is a collaborative effort between students, parents, and all Doulos staff members to uncover, explore, and refine our students’ vocations. Our hope is for parents to begin vocational preparation early, and as their students enroll in Doulos, we, the Doulos community, partner in their student’s vocational journey.

Where should a student attend college?

First and foremost, we seek to match students with colleges that will magnify their vocation while giving students the knowledge and skills needed to thrive professionally.  Secondly, we seek to match students to college communities filled with challenge and support which facilitate holistic development and equip our students with an integrated and applied Christian worldview. Third, we seek to match our students with international universities or institutions with strong international education programs. Our hope is to cultivate revolutionary leaders who serve their country through a perspective larger than their culture. We believe international education is vital in equipping our students with this global perspective. The Doulos community seeks to match students with universities which fit these three characteristics to the highest degree possible.

College Readiness Programs at Doulos Discovery School

At Doulos, we want your student to be personally, academically, and spiritually prepared for life beyond high school. Therefore, we developed our college readiness program, which seeks to prepare your student for success in and beyond Doulos. Below are the three most important aspects of our college preparatory program:

    1. Classes: The best way for your student to prepare for life after Doulos is to help him or her excel in their learning. At Doulos, we will encourage your students to take challenging classes that promote personal, academic, and spiritual growth. We will encourage your student to both discover and use their talents and interests in and outside the classroom.  Your student will take college prep and test prep courses in their junior and senior years.


    1. Crew: Crew is a project-based college preparatory class. Crew will challenge your students to discover their God-given gifts and passions, find a program beyond Doulos which magnifies these gifts and passions, and help him or her transition to this new environment.


  1. Counseling: Your student will receive individual and group counseling throughout high school. The goal of these meetings is to equip your child with the social and emotional tools to develop well in high school as well as use career and vocational theory to help your student better understand their fit in the world of work.

What is the school’s role in the college process?

We will support, counsel, and be a resource through this process.  We are happy to help your students as they take the incentive to explore this college process.  We do not get you into college, but we are here to help you or your student with any questions you might have.

What are the parents and their student’s roles?

  • Communicate with counselors and ask your students daily about their college process.
  • Encourage your student to be proactive about the college process.  Your role is to do the research and understand the process with your student.  Look at schools and application due dates online with your student.
  • Start saving money.  Look into your budget and save a little money each month.
  • If you invite American friends into your home or host work teams share your child’s story with them and build that relationship.
  • Encourage your student to show you their fundraising letters and to seek help from other faculty as well.


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