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In support of our goal to provide a high quality education to all students, we commit to a rigorous academic calendar year and ask that students arrive punctually each day.

In the event of an absence, please follow the steps below.

Unforeseen Absence:

In the event there is an unforeseen absence or a student wakes up sick, parents should call ((809) 574-2979) or email the office to inform the Vice Principal (email: of the child’s absence.  

If a sickness lasts longer than 2 days, parents must submit a written medical record.  If a student is sick or has had a fever within the last 24 hours, s/he should not be sent to school.

Expected Absence:

If a student knows ahead of time that he/she will be absent, parents should submit a signed notification to the Vice Principal, indicating the date and reason for the absence.

This allows teachers and staff to prepare any necessary work. Upon receiving the absence notification, administration will determine whether the absence is excused or unexcused.
Extended Trips: All trips must be approved by our administration prior to departure. Each request is judged and granted on its own merits and will not constitute a precedent for other requests