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Doulos means “servant” in greek.

Doulos (δοῦλος) means “bond servant” in ancient Greek.

We are committed to educating and equipping the next generation of Dominican leaders who are faithful bond servants of Jesus Christ.

We are a Christian, college preparatory, dual language school providing an excellent PreK-12 education to students of varying socioeconomic classes from around the world.

We believe learning happens best through doing.  

Therefore, we equip students to take learning into their our own hands and encourage them to take supervised and calculated risks: to try, fail, and try again; to learn intangibles like teamwork, overcoming adversity, pushing oneself physically, and simply doing hard things.

We inspire our students to be engaged and self-motivated learners by fostering learning through fieldwork, experts, product creation, using our Design Principles and our school’s Code of Character.

Doulos at a Glance

Avg. Class Size

Small class sizes and individual attention is a staple of Doulos education


Doulos welcomes students in grades PreK3-12

Sponsored Students

We believe leaders come from all socio-economic backgrounds

Student to Staff Ratio

We walk alongside each student, investing in their character and spiritual development

Doulos Discovery School is the proudly supported by our faith-based 501(c)(3) US nonprofit  Doulos Ministries.
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