Join the Revolution.
Give the gift of education.

A different kind of leader is required to create a different kind of future. A different kind of education is required to create this different kind of leader. It is the hope of Doulos to equip this different kind of leader. Leaders who will bring change to the Dominican Republic and create a revolution with service, compassion, and the love of Jesus Christ.

Doulos believes that leaders come from all economic backgrounds if only given the opportunity. Currently 1 in 10 Dominicans graduate from high school and only 1 of 10 of those graduates will go on to university. Public schools are over-crowded, under-staffed, and lack basic resources. For these reasons Doulos provides need-based scholarships for half of its students.

Scholarships are provided by sponsors, people like you, who want to make a difference in the life of a child and, in turn, a community. We believe that if children are given a solid education, balanced with the hope of Jesus Christ, they have a chance to escape the cycle of poverty, create a different kind of future for themselves, and be a different kind of leader for their community, their country, and even world.

 Student Sponsorship

$100/month provides a discipleship focused, expeditionary, bilingual, college preparatory education that will equip a student to drastically change their own future and profoundly impact their community and beyond.

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 Class Sponsorship

$50/month equips a class with the materials they need to be successful.

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