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Our philosophy of education is rooted in supporting, involving, and empowering families in the education of their children. Find below a growing library of downloadable resources to support your important role as a Doulos parent.


Excused Absence Request: Please submit parent letter to the Doulos Discovery School office.
 Philosophy of Science Education (Español) — COMING SOON!
 Philosophy of Education (Español) — COMING SOON!

Key Contacts

Bob Phelps | Director Escolar (School Director)

Bob Phelps

School Director: Bob Phelps
Oversees the school’s mission, administrative staff, campus, admissions and withdrawals, and all school programs.

Phone: (809) 574-2979 EXT: 202

Director de la Escuela: 
Supervisa la misión de la escuela, personal administrativo, recinto, admisiones y retiros y todos los programas de la escuela.

Cesár Valdez | Subdirector Escolar (Vice Principal)

Cesar Valdez

Vice Principal: Cesar Valdez
Oversees all instructional staff, student discipline, and compliance with the Ministry of Education. Communicates directly with parents regarding teaching staff and daily school routines.

Phone: (809) 574-2979 EXT

Supervisa todo el personal de instrucción, disciplina estudiantíl y la comunicación con el Ministerio de Educación. Se comunica directamente con los padres sobre el personal docente y las rutinas diarias de la escuela.


Mallory Fellows | Orientadora (Guidance Counselor)

Mallory Fellows

Guidance Counselor: Mallory Fellows
Serves as a resource for students and families in selecting higher education institutions and potential career paths. Responsible scheduling all  pre-college entrance exams.

Phone: (809) 574-2979 EXT. 210

Sirve como un recurso para los estudiantes y sus familias durante la selección de las instituciones de educación superior y posibles trayectorias profesionales. Es responsable de la programación de todos los exámenes de ingreso pre-universitarios.